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In short, we work with you to: 

Improve the actual and perceived quality and effectiveness of your creative resources

Put in place conditions most likely to encourage and nurture levels of creativity, design and innovation appropriate for your organisation’s needs.

Develop your approaches to new product development and innovation

Build design awareness, visual literacy, creative, and design management skills

Prepare the briefs for your designers, architects and other creatives - balancing functional, financial, organisational, strategic + aesthetic considerations.

Act as client design adviser, +/or consultant creative director- to complement your existing expertise when dealing with architectural or design projects

Architecture / buildings / space

Building on our architectural and management consultancy skills, we help ensure you are making the most effective use of your built environment from an organisational and strategic perspective. We provide strategic input relating to new projects, help you develop briefs, and advise on how to best use property and space as an effective facilitator of change.

Brand / identity

Using our design and strategic marketing background we can review whether your brand(s) and communications are consistent with your strategic vision and are positively differentiating you.

Product-service design

We can research how others perceive the quality of your products / services - and  suggest how they can be  improved.

New product development

We can look at your strategies and processes for developing new products and services, help review opportunities and map out scenarios for product development and the timing for establishing new platforms.

schneider + partners can help you optimise and leverage your use of design and your creative assets - from brands and buildings to products and people.

In many enterprises design is under-utilised as a resource that has the potential to improve organisational effectiveness and to generate genuine competitive differentiation.

We also work with clients to develop strategies, structures, cultures and systems to ensure that an organisation has the best chance of getting the most from its creative assets: