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creative management consultants - london

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Depending on our brief, we may:

Independently evaluate how a creative team is performing and the key issues facing it

Ensure the vision for the team is relevant, understood, and reflected in goals and targets

Gain key insights into any key issues concerning staff - and /or clients

Identify how + where factors such as organisational structure, systems, culture and leadership style may be adjusted to further improve effectiveness

Develop a coherent set of strategies and sub-strategies to achieve team's vision and goals

Involve and empower the core team in developing its strategic direction

Improve the motivation and morale of  creatives

Develop the leadership and others skills of key individuals or teams with training and/or one to one coaching

Improve the effectiveness of how the creative team is marketed and promoted

Eric Schneider's background as strategist and creative (architect & photographer) means that we bring a holistic approach, have a strong empathy with creatives, and combine robust thinking with sensitivity when addressing issues relating to creativity.

The result is to provide a supportive yet challenging relationship ideally out of which creative leaders and their teams can expect to get a fresh perspective on the key issues facing them and insightful advice as to how best to achieve their objectives.

schneider + partners has extensive experience of working with creative organisations, teams and individuals.