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The benefits to you:

A creative approach to strategy development.

The involvement of your team in developing new business ideas

A coherent set of aligned sub-strategies

Uncertainty and ambiguity embraced

The development of a more innovative culture

A stakeholder centric approach to strategic thinking

Strategies that take on board product and service innovation in the context of  changing future markets

Our hybrid approach means that in addition to undertaking traditional strategic reviews, we can also:

We believe that in today's rapidly changing markets successful organisations need to be creative as well as highly analytical in how they develop their strategies.

schneider + partners aims to combine the best  traditional strategy development techniques with those that encourage innovative and creative thinking and high levels of design sensitivity.

Evaluate your creative assets

Consider the implications of your current status from different perspectives with a variety of lenses.

Facilitate brainstorming workshops

Consider differing future scenarios

Set up design and innovation programmes

Instigate stakeholder experience workshops

Map out plans for new product / service development