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What we do:

We review the 'creative quotient' in your organisation

We identify factors likely to encourage or discourage creativity

We identify areas where greater creativity may be beneficial, and highlight the potential risks and rewards

We organise workshops and facilitate the creative discussions of specific issues

We run programmes to develop the creative skills +/or creative management skills of key individuals and teams

Our starting point therefore  is to understand what an organisation really requires. We can then advise, facilitate or help develop the team(s) appropriately.

We also recognise that there are many aspects to creativity. For example we might distinguish:

- 'out of the box' creative thinking

- entrepreneurial skills

- skills related to perceived ‘creative activities’ - e.g., designing, visual literacy, creative writing, music …

- skills related to nurturing, managing, and controlling the type of creativity required by an organisation

A key factor for success in dynamic, highly competitive markets is an organisation's ability to creatively address what it does and how it does it - and to come up with solutions more effective than its competitors at profitably meeting the needs and aspirations of its target markets.

But work environments and management training are rarely geared to positively encouraging and rewarding creative thinking.

Also, creativity is not a panacea. It is only relevant in a business context if it improves an organisation and its performance. Unchecked and poorly managed, unbridled 'creativity' can also have highly damaging consequences.

The management challenge is how to put in place conditions that are most likely to develop and nurture positive creativity - and then how to manage it to add value and improve organisational performance with an acceptable degree of risk.