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What we do:

We begin by listening to understand the strategic context. 

We then map the consumer experience(s), research consumer perceptions, reactions and emotional responses and  identify the critical areas of impact - the touchstones - in order to help you profitably deliver the best and most relevant experience to your consumers and stakeholders.

We then direct, suggesting what you should be trying to achieve and assisting you in choreographing it.

Wearing our creative hat, we can help you to design, improve and evolve strategies for ‘bubbles’ of total experience that are coherent, compelling and sustainable. 

And as management consultants we help you to align other areas of your business - whether it be your systems, culture, staff or style of management that may be necessary to permit the consistent delivery of such compelling experiences.

Whatever your organisation or brand, schneider + partners can help optimise how you are experienced and assist you to achieve distinctive, effective, positive interactions that build genuine differentiation, customer loyalty and enthusiastic advocates.

Success may involve a range of factors, from behavioural, to design and sensory. It may also be important to prioritise, consistent with your resources. For example, not all audiences may be of equal importance. Some elements of the total experience can also be expected to be more significant than others, particularly in terms of their impact on consumer behaviour. And it is not just consumers that matter. The experience of other stakeholders can be equally critical: the retention / attraction of staff, the loyalty of key investors, or donors, or funders …

In many markets customer satisfaction is no longer enough. For consumers to come back for more and for them to enthuse about you they need to be given a special connection - an emotional fulfillment - that builds a positive and lasting loyalty.  

Get the consumer experience wrong and consumers are left disenchanted, dissatisfied, and looking for another provider. Get it right and they can be wowed, enthusiastic and loyal afficionados.

Indeed, in today's increasingly commoditised markets the consumer experience may actually be one of the few remaining sources of achieving and maintaining sustainable differentiation.

A focus on the total consumer experience should therefore be central to the strategy of any organisation.