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Client's Design Advisor

We can act as a strategic design adviser - e.g.,where you are planning to commission architectural or design services from others. Our activities may range from helping you to develop relevant briefs to liaising with creatives on your behalf.

Creative Direction

We can also take on the role of consultant or interim creative director, providing creative direction for architectural and design projects.


Whether you are looking to design new services, products, premises, interiors, print, promotional activities - or new systems, structures,+/or strategies - we can work closely with you and your team to co-design practical, innovative, elegant solutions that will really work for you..

Workshops + Away Days

Would your team benefit from workshops to enhance and develop various aspects of creativity? We can run workshops tailored to your organisational needs, covering areas from sub-strategy development and innovation to managing the consumer experience.


We are often used by clients to facilitate senior team meetings and or to help teams develop in and out of box thinking on specific issues.

Talks / Conferences

We are often asked to speak or chair forums on issues related to our key specialisms.


Where there is a need to develop the skills of your team we can provide training and development in our specialist areas.

We offer a range of services and can act in differing roles to best suit your organisation, the issues in question and the nature or stage of a project.


A great deal of our work as consultants is strategic. Most involves an evaluation of the current situation, identifying and agreeing future objectives, developing strategies and tactics for achieving these, and working with a client to help manage the desired change.


m also undertake research, usually of a qualitative nature, and have extensive experience of staff and consumer insight surveys as well as research into competitors and market opportunities. 

Coaching + Mentoring

We work with individuals and teams to help them achieve their own and their organisation's full potential.