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There may be many reasons to use us: 

For some clients our emphasis is on developing specific skills - for example, providing personalised support as they move into new roles.

For others it is about how best to improve individual or team performance - for example, by helping change behaviour patterns, sources of conflict, or better understand organisational dynamics.

For yet others we act as a ‘sounding board’, providing a ‘psychological space’ to help them reflect and gain perspective on their roles, preoccupations, and activities.

Many value the opportunity to have access to an independent, empathetic and knowledgeable third party with whom they can discuss in confidence pressing issues, ideas and experiences.


Assisting others -  individuals and teams - to become more 'creative'.

Sometimes being 'more creative' is about getting people to think about alternative and more effective ways of solving problems or asking questions. In other instances it can be about developing 'creative' awareness or skills in a particular area - visually, musically, or whatever is appropriate. And sometimes it can be about nurturing and encouraging creativity in others.

Whatever the context, Eric will aim to nurture and develop your (and your team's) creativity and creative thinking.

We also work as a coach to individuals and teams. We specialise in 2 main areas:




Assisting creatives - individuals and teams - to become more effective.

With a background as an architect, a photographer, a creative management consultant and a business school academic, Eric Schneider has first hand experience of both the creative process and what makes for successful organisations, teams and individuals.

From helping you to overcome mental blocks in the creative process, to identifying your vision and goals, understanding what you have to do to be more successful and/or assisting you to work more effectively in teams Eric will help you address the key issues facing you in a manner and at a pace designed to best suit your needs